Decree for Joyful Relationships 

Image Source: Internet(unknown) DECREE FOR ANYONE LOOKING AT ANY FORM OF MORE JOYFUL RELATIONSHIP IN LIFE,  I, _____( your name) is now Open to the Universe contributing to a nurturing, loving, caring, fun, joyful, prosperous relationship that contributes to me and my partners well being. I am now open to having a partner and other… Continue reading Decree for Joyful Relationships 

Awareness or Reaction in Times of Need

Someone calls you, they say, someone is unwell, and its a drastic situation and its bad. What is your first reaction. Panic, worry, fear or the immediate need to jump in action basis the impulse of the moment. To feel like them, to feel sorry about them or just associate millions of your life moments… Continue reading Awareness or Reaction in Times of Need

The Decree to Universe 

Hi Peeps Here's a decree you can make to the Universe if it feels light to choose, to transcend existing patterns. You may want to repeat it minimum thrice or more to get it through.  The energy of this Full Moon is very potent to dissolve existing patterns and limitations that don't work for us. … Continue reading The Decree to Universe 

The Potency and Magic of Being you 

#beingyou #dolphins #acknowledgingyou #newspace Image Source : Unknown from internet Yesterday, I wrapped up our first ever Dolphin Healing Transmission class and it was amazing. Just like each class, it opened up something in my Universe too. One of the things that was very up in my Universe was the fact that people coming and… Continue reading The Potency and Magic of Being you 

Is recycling Middle Class or call of the hour?

Image source : Huffington post There is something that has been popping in my world a lot off lately. It's the whole concept of mindless use and abuse of many little things which in turn are depleting the environment.  One of the things which I have been observing a lot is the use of Paper… Continue reading Is recycling Middle Class or call of the hour?

Stepping into Ones Power 

Today's Grid is a small effort to move beyond the wrongness and rightness, beyond judgment and open up the space of truly being me... The pure energy of the soul... In the grid is Honey calcite sphere, Citrine chunks, Blue apatite chunks, Chrysoprase chunks and Rose Quartz pencil and Pyramid.  The grid is to balance… Continue reading Stepping into Ones Power 

Crystal Grids – What space do they create

I have been thinking of writing this post for long, and then a beautiful space opened up this morning and it was really light to share it. I have been working with Crystal grids for over two years now. And the commitment I have experienced to tap into that energy every day is surprising to… Continue reading Crystal Grids – What space do they create