Stepping into Ones Power 

Today’s Grid is a small effort to move beyond the wrongness and rightness, beyond judgment and open up the space of truly being me… The pure energy of the soul…

In the grid is Honey calcite sphere, Citrine chunks, Blue apatite chunks, Chrysoprase chunks and Rose Quartz pencil and Pyramid. 

The grid is to balance the Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul and raise my vibration. 

The grid had the element of four ( four directions, tetrahedron) to balance all aspects with different frequencies. Citrine, APATITE and Rose quartz have different vibration that work on ones energy field in a way to enhance ones presence in the now and eliminate energetic blockages smoothly. Citrine gives in extra energy to support the cleansing activated by APATITE and Rosequartz balances the energy field with vibration of love. 



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