Is recycling Middle Class or call of the hour?

Image source : Huffington post

There is something that has been popping in my world a lot off lately. It’s the whole concept of mindless use and abuse of many little things which in turn are depleting the environment. 

One of the things which I have been observing a lot is the use of Paper bags, Poly bags, Bottles, Glass bottles, Storage bags, Shopping bags, Paper tissues, Fruit juice and other cans and so on. 

There is a saying in India that recycling Paper bags or bottles, or food boxes that come along with the ordered food is so middle class. In short, it is not looked upon in a good way. While the reason for this trend might have been shortage of money, today, in retrospection I feel the environment as a whole needs this approach a lot. Somehow, I wonder if spending and wasting is a part of our inherent nature and capacity to create more. 

Simple example, when we head out to department store or shopping mall for shopping, we are usually aware of the fact that we are going to shop and we might end up feeling thirsty.

But because , environment is not on top of our mind then, we depend on the store to give us shopping bags, and the availability of bisleri to feed our water needs. So in a week, if this shopping is thrice, we get three bottles plus three shopping bags(minimum). So in a year per household, we estimated get 156 paper bags and bottles. So, in turn, those many resources in environment have to be erased for the creation of these 156 paper bags and bottles. 

Do we take any intiative to return it back to environment, perhaps no. 

What if, instead we choose a different possibility. Instead of choosing those 156 bags and bottles, per household, what if we just choose to carry a bag and bottle with us. Will that be asking too much. 

Similarly, the boxes that come in the house, what if we really figure out a way to recycle them to uses that can reduce the need for creation of something wasteful somewhere else. 

Or the glass bottles we have of the ketchup and other items, if there can be community moves where they can be utilised diffetently to feed a current lifestylr need that creates more waste. 

Will that create some difference I wonder. 

I am just sharing my thoughts and they are as fresh and deep as this blog. You can share your too.

What can we contribute to the planet and it’s well being I wonder. 



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