The Decree to Universe 

Hi Peeps
Here’s a decree you can make to the Universe if it feels light to choose, to transcend existing patterns. You may want to repeat it minimum thrice or more to get it through. 

The energy of this Full Moon is very potent to dissolve existing patterns and limitations that don’t work for us. 

Happy Full Moon.

You can use this Decree to Universe if it’s light for you to choose :
I, ____(your name), now let go of all binding patterns of fear from my system and realities, I am now willing to look beyond fear and have the awareness and strength to transmute it,

I now let go of all doubts from my system and realities and am now willing to look beyond doubt, and have the awareness of what can change 

I now let go of all blame, shame and regret of my own and ancestors from my system and am willing to create a life and loving reality beyond it

I now let go of trauma drama locked in my cells and create realities basis trust and choice

I now am willing to move beyond what I have considered real and all the contracted spaces I have chosen

I am now willing to choose different 

I am now letting go of all those contracts of my ancestors of patriarchy and matriarchy of spirituality and of money that bind me from unfolding into the true potency of being me in the here and now and in future 

I now let go of all those energies in the astral that bind me to fear, obligation, guilt, shame and control 

I now choose to be a Sovereign being 

And stand in my Sovereign power 

With choices, aawareness and consciousness as my leading tool 

I am now Free from all contracts said and unsaid

Written and verbal 

Of slave and master

Of dark and light 

And I now transcend my own limitations 

To open up to my true Sovereignty

I Am Power

I am Infinite

I am Soul 

I am Divine

I am Universe

I am Oneness

I am Everything. 
And so it is done, so it is done , so it is done.


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