The Potency and Magic of Being you 

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Yesterday, I wrapped up our first ever Dolphin Healing Transmission class and it was amazing.

Just like each class, it opened up something in my Universe too. One of the things that was very up in my Universe was the fact that people coming and telling me I am not compassionate and kind enough. 

And that came up in the class. You must be wondering why. Well, classes are not about theories, classes are about facing our shadows and letting them go, creating more ease and space for joy of being us. 

So, the participants were very kind and aware and with the help of dolphins, they opened up a new space for me. They brought to my awareness, how I was unwilling to acknowledge the kindness and space I choose to be for people and allow them to be. How I don’t give up on them and am there when required. And how, I do not allow myself those moments of receiving gratitude from others when it comes my way. 

I am usually very fast, so even when gratitude comes my way, I am like, okay, and I move on. The class opened up a space, where what if I allow myself to receive the gratitude for being me and the space my presence can create for someone. 

It almost opened up a new space, where I was in the wrongness of my Intensity and I actually saw, how that, and being honest, and authentic, can change the whole flow of things. 

The class actually went from a lot of online disturbance to the Creation of a new and joyful space. One of the participant experienced her own potency of kindness and the other experienced her own connection and capacity with dolphins. 

The presence of Dolphins and awareness has contributed so much more to my life. And I am so grateful for the opportunity to share the same magic with others and see the magic of their being-ness. 

How many times do we get into the space of judging ourselves because others cannot acknowledge or look at the way things we look at. How many times do we shut up our potency for the need to make someone else right. 

What if who we are and what we embody is beautiful enough.

I am so grateful for this new space in my Universe. 


If you would like to know more about Dolphin Healing Session or workshops , you can write to me at Consciouslivingwithanushree@gmail.com.

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