Decree for Joyful Relationships 

Image Source: Internet(unknown)


I, _____( your name) is now Open to the Universe contributing to a nurturing, loving, caring, fun, joyful, prosperous relationship that contributes to me and my partners well being.

I am now open to having a partner and other people on my journey who can assist in my deepest goals and support my endeavor in being a more conscious, joyful and aware person. 

I am now willing to choose the contribution and love of others in my life and allow that to multiply in my life manifold. 

I am now willing to magnetise my presence with my truest energy that brings in joy and nurturing to others around me too. 

I now move beyond fear, blame, shame, regret, hate and expectations in any relationship with me and others. 

I now move beyond victim hood in my relationships to a space of empowered relationship with me and others. 

I now move to a space of creation of joyful possibilities for me and others, with my body, my soul and my being and Mother Earth. 

I now move beyond the paradigms of expectations, jealousy, lack and harshness to a space of openness, growth, joy, kindness, nurturance, trust, co-creation and expansion. 

I am now set free from any patterns whatsover that limit me and bind me to all of the lower vibrational energies. 

And so I am free to co create a new reality of joyful nature , of trust and of being truly me. Of gifting and receiving love and joy and everything that brings in more joy, Awareness and consciousness. 

I am free of any contracts and patterns said and unsaid that bind me to lower vibrations in relationship with me and others. 

I am Joy

I am Love

I am Hope

I am Possibility 

I am Creation 

I am Awareness 

I am Consciousness 

I am One 

With Creator. 
In Love,


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