Heartbreaks and Loss – My perspective

#love #movingon I meet a lot of women clients and people I know personally who have been or are going through some form of heartbreak, relationship loss or lost love.  And, being there at some point in my life, it just felt right to write about how I feel about it all.  In a society,… Continue reading Heartbreaks and Loss – My perspective

Waste? Am I attached to it? 

#eurekamoment I suddenly had a lot of garbage surrounding my house. One in front of my house and one in side of my house.  Then, I noticed, my toilet flush started giving in problems. It did not look normal to me. And electricity went off.  Esp for me,   I look at everything as a… Continue reading Waste? Am I attached to it? 

Appraisals – Is life asking you to choose more. 

I have been getting a lot of calls, energies of people frustrated with their jobs, feeling invalidated, feelings of being treated in an unjust manner and resultant overall lack of enthusiasm in life and everything. A sense or need to break down and cry or just evade everything. A part of me at some point… Continue reading Appraisals – Is life asking you to choose more.