Appraisals – Is life asking you to choose more. 

I have been getting a lot of calls, energies of people frustrated with their jobs, feeling invalidated, feelings of being treated in an unjust manner and resultant overall lack of enthusiasm in life and everything. A sense or need to break down and cry or just evade everything. A part of me at some point has resonated a lot with these energies and today, I wondered, if there is anything I can say or do that can perhaps give a different perspective to this situation. 

The first thing that came across to my mind is that we as individuals assign all our self-worth to the jobs we do. Indirectly, it is also a psychological trap used by organizations and bosses to get most out of their employees. We become machines in the process trying to gain a sense of achievement by giving all of us to the organization and work and in the process neglecting other aspects of life. More than that, we assign a lot of importance to how bosses treat us, how they should be with us, how our peers are being treated. All of it combined, when is not met with resulting appreciation in form of appraisals or ratings or inclusion in meetings or important decisions, we start feeling left out. We start feeling less somehow. We start feeling angry, helpless, powerless and victimized. Just because the guy who we felt did not deserve promotion got it, we start feeling more anxiety and depression and a sense that it is not worth it. And in coming months, either we become extremely dissatisfied with life or look for options. To look for another option that can somehow fill that vacuum of self-worth within us. 

Another perspective I had is, which I did not look at when I was in job, that the salary which I would have got in last financial year was always good enough to meet my needs, so how is it that a certain percentage up and down next year collapses my dreams and hopes and ignites so much of unrest. Just because the person next to me or someone I know somewhere got something better, my life is not good again. 

And, are we doing jobs only for that percentage growth and rating, or jobs are a small part of our larger lives. 

It’s a two way trap. Somehow, we have assigned the meaning of happiness and joy only with highest grades, getting maximum promotions, fancy houses and cars, getting included by others in their lives and work, being ahead of others and so on. 

Where is it, that it is okay for us to choose for ourselves. To choose what really ignites our hearts and be totally comfortable and okay with the choices we make and what they create. Where is it that we give away our power to be happy, to create a joyful life to our salaries, to our bosses, to the promotions and ratings and to the peers who apparently do well in life as per materialistic standards. 

Where is it that we decide that what we have suddenly is less because someone else has more. 

Are we really in tune with our lives. 

Are we really in tune with what expands our lives. 

Does the happiness of getting a promotion or salary hike stay beyond a month or two, does it end the need to seek same next year and next year and so on? 

I am not saying that it’s wrong to seek something, I am only questioning the compulsiveness of our need to give away our power, our self-worth in someone or something else’s hands. 

While it’s good to be passionate, the thing is what truly brings you Joy should not shatter with someone else’s assessment of you. The same office that you loved before appraisal becomes he’ll suddenly as you feel victimised and excluded. 

And that could also be a moment to honestly ask yourself is life asking you to expand your horizons. 

If we truly knew, we can create anything we desire in our life, if we truly knew that life is beautiful and much more can be done wherever we are, without attaching too much meaning to it, will it really affect us so much that someone rated us 3 or 4 or 5. And, will it really have the power to shatter all that we are. 

Is there something more than the four walls of our cabins and cubicles, a possibility for better life perhaps. 

And, can we add more happiness to our lives by exploring other dimensions like gardening, hobbies, self-actualization, creation or anything. 

Take a deep breath, couple of more and then think, is it really that bad. 
Some people i shared this with shared some

In Joy


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