Waste? Am I attached to it? 

I suddenly had a lot of garbage surrounding my house. One in front of my house and one in side of my house. 
Then, I noticed, my toilet flush started giving in problems. It did not look normal to me. And electricity went off. 
Esp for me,   I look at everything as a sign if it catches my inner attention. 
And then I had an epiphany, I decided to check my belief on 
“I allow myself to let go of every kind of waste from within and around me easily and effortlessly
I have the Creators perspective on Waste”
With help of belief check, I realised it’s negative. That means, somewhere I am not allowing anything that is meant to leave my space to go easily and effortlessly. 
I repeated the above statements several times and asked for it to be downloaded in my system.. 
And now, something feels has shifted. 
And light comes back in my house as I write this. 
Waste can also mean, thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, bondages, people, attachment etc. 
See if this resonates with you. 
And try 😘
In Joy


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