​Anger from within, or anger outside.

This morning, I woke up feeling very enraged. I had no idea why, but I was feeling angry towards everything. I was trying to make sense of things, but it just wasn’t adding up. 
And then, I decided to sit and just observe myself. I started taking some deep breaths and the more deep breaths. 
After some time, a question emerged, is this anger inside me or outside me. Where am I perceiving it. I realised that that anger is outside me and inside is all calm. I could actually perceive like a ball of energy around my stomach and head so strong that I was feeling breathless, and the breathlessness was pushing the reaction of anger within me. 

Once I had a sense of where the issue was, I just asked, that 

“I now delete the imprints of anger and any low vibration on my energy system and replace them with unconditional love”

I took breaths for few more minutes focusing on the areas where I was actually perceiving the anger with above statement and slowly I could feel the perception of anger fading away and a sense of ease coming in. 

Just a little sense of awareness and utilising it with energy techniques can make life so simple. 

The reason I share this is, often, when we start feeling out of balance, instead of trying to understand or have a sense of where the problem may lie, we start looking outside for solution with a conclusion that I am feeling this or that and something is wrong and blah blah. 

What if in exactly those moments, we shift the awareness within with the assistance of some breath work and focus. Won’t that strengthen our systems and ease out a lot of unrequired clutter I feel .. 

Our systems have ingrained memory imprints of many realities, and all it requires sometimes is to identify and delete an imprint that is causing the havoc, and then we are good to sail at a swift speed. 

What are you waiting for, wanna give it a shot ?

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