Is misery and anger real in the present ?

As the frequency of planet is shifting, a lot of us are going through massive changes especially during the moon cycles. Our emotions become heightened and we start feeling off-center.

I write about a concept that I haven’t in a long time, and that is Karmic Body cleansing. What this basically means is, most of the heaviness, the insecurity, the anger, the resentment, the guilt we feel is mostly not from the present. 

I would say most of the times, it’s a product of what has been imprinted upon us.

To simplify it, let’s say you are making a caramel cinnamon cake(if that exists). And the first layer is caramel on the cake then sometimes else then cinnamon and then cream and then icing. No matter what you do, you would end up tasting caramel and cinnamon in the cake as it has been embedded in the layers of cake. 

Similarly, in our physical bodies or auric bodies , from our parents, childhood, ancestors, planetary information we carry in our cells, past lives, a lot of layers or imprints of anger, insecurity , fear , trauma, blame, shame, expectation etc are embedded. 

When something goes different from our expectation, those imprints become active as the external situation becomes a trigger point for those emotions and we start feeling off track thinking that something is wrong in the present. 

While in reality, everything would be fine in the present. We would still be acting from those programming and when trigger is maximum, we might even end up fighting, crying, wailing etc as a response to the stimuli created. 

A lot of times, people have flight phobia, sea sickness, fear of heights, water etc coming from similar imprints. Or when people make major changes in life, they start feeling off centre because of same and start resisting people. 

The answer lies in Self Enquiry and having a Karmic Cleansing mechanism. Yoga is a subtle way of doing so, but it does not eliminate the need for self enquiry, identification and cleansing. 

A lot of healers, channelers, psychics I know avoid the self enquiry or clearing part as we have not been taught to clear what comes up as a response in our lives. 
It does not take too too much effort to clear whatever imprints come up if we are committed to being joyful and expanded. 
To begin with, simple pranayama and the ability to focus on the core issues also can create some results. And in other cases, there are techniques that can be taught. 
The reason I write this is because, I see a lot of people going off track when something doesn’t show up as they desire or in normal life too. And start feeling paranoid or miserable or xyz

The truth is they are only acting from the imprints which get activated as a result of external stimuli. Once the imprints are identified and cleared, the misery on that subject ceases to exist. 

Everything in our life is a choice and a opportunity to create an expanded life. The question is, Are we really tuning in and are committed to the life we think we desire. And are willing to work towards it ? Or we have made resistance, escapism as source of creation of our life ?

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