Is it Wrong to Be Angry and Insecure 

Is it wrong to be Insecure, Angry or Contracted….

Well, this post finally found it’s expression after a long chat with a dear friend. We were discussing about how there are days when we end up feeling insecure, less about ourselves, less about life or what we have or angry. Then, to top up, we end up feeling guilty or lesser to have these thoughts. And then ressitance to these thoughts.

Have we ever wondered that in those moments, when insecurity crops up, or when anger crops, there is also a CHOICE called AWARENESS.
Let’s say, this morning , I woke up, and the first thought I had was, how am I going to manage my funds. And my first reaction is insecurity and the outcome is me being fidgety, a little stressed and a little less present in my mornings.

Now, I have two choices in that moment. Actually three choices.

#1 – To continue the thoughts of insecurity and keep feeling low and upset and fidgety

#2 – Go into a resistance and start saying, it’s wrong to have such thoughts because of random spiritual reasons

# 3 – Breathe and ask what is really triggering these thoughts and contraction in me and what has to be done about it.

#3a – If the answer doesn’t show up, use other techniques or assistance to go to the root of it and clear it.

Now, how many times, are we programmed and conditioned to go for either #1 or #2.

What if #3 becomes a way of living and instead of going into the judgement of what is showing, we are willing to see what is underlying within.

In my case, when I choose #3 above this morning, I was able to see that the inability to create a present and future that is sustainable is creating the fear. The fear is coming as a natural response to which I have been conditioned over lifetimes. So, instead of using fear against me, or judging it, I reprogrammed it with what has to be done here and what can help me. And cleared the traces of fear energetically. And then , I am all set for the day.

How many times, do we suffer in a day both physically and emotionally because we are choosing to not be aware of the hidden part beneath our emotions and actions.

How many times do we start believing the worst possible outcomes only because of our conditioning and past life and we don’t even realise it.

How many times we make past as a precedent for future in our minds and allow it to make us miserable.

What if AWARENess is also a CHOICE… And it has no conditions, the only condition is OPENNESS to being AWARE.

Wouldnt life be SIMPLER and easier then ….

Think about it, Actually, Tap into the Awareness of it and see what happens….

In joy

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