Balancing the art of expression 

I consciously choose what I create …

This is an extract from the recent realisation that I went through as my throat was falling apart with cold and cough. On one hand it was purification, on second thoughts, I was trying to really contemplate as to what is creating the choked feeling and discomfort esp since this is one of my stronger aspects. 
As I sat in my meditation ( or sadhna in Hindi), and focussed on the whole aspect, I realised that as one expands, it is but natural that the awareness of the noise in terms of thoughts, feelings, emotions, realities, suppressed realities expands too. And so does the chances or probabilities of subconscious interaction with these energies with thoughts, feelings, emotions, expression. 
So, isn’t it important to balance the power of throat. How does one do that. That was my immediate question. 
I realised, that, in simple terms, once the energies are purified for anything, the power of manifestation and attraction grows profoundly. So, when I choose to connect and identify with feelings of hurt, woundedness, agony, anger etc of someone both at conscious and subconscious level, I am opening the doors to the vibration to share space with me. 
Vice versa, when I choose to connect with all that I can consciously choose and focus upon to co-create a better or expanded life, I attract that in my space. 
Now the question is how is it even remotely connected to throat chakra. 
Throat is about expression – both conscious and subconscious. 

What I think, I feed and I create. 

What I express, I express and I create. 

What I imagine, I feed and I create.

What I perceive, I attract and I co-create. 
It’s the chakra of action – of any form. 
When it has to be physically created, it aligns with limbs, when it has to be vocally created, it merges with all chakras below and above, when it has to manifest it aligns with heart and third eye. When it has to be a seer and interact energetically, it combines with third eye and crown. It is the space of balance of action and reaction. 
So what I am thinking both passively and actively, how I am describing my current state, how I am talking of others – it is all getting co created in my reality. 
So, in an expanded state of consciousness, or a more purified energy of throat, the chances of noise polluting it are way higher than in a contracted state. 
What I pick from what I read, where I put my attention to also affects the energy of the throat. 
Moral of the story – Be vigilant of where you focus your thoughts, feelings , emotions. 

Be aware of what noise are you interacting and feeding. 

Be aware of what are you interacting with and how much noise are you contributing to both physical and non physical. 

A bath of uninterrupted space of thoughts, feelings, emotions is best remember too. 
Be aware of what are you co-creating with the elements of creation. 
In Joy 


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