Soul Or Body or Both – What is expansion really ?

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Sharing some reflections in consciousness from my journal entry…..

A lot of us know as a Soul, we are timeless. As a body, we exist here in this planet. The Soul is a timeless self experiencing itself through a timed body.

When we experience pain, anger , love, compassion, hope, loss etc, they are the body experiences. This body is a requirement of this planet and the aura and everything else is also a reflection of this planet.

The whole journey of a Soul is to reflect itself fully through the body. The body is a reflection of patterns and experiences the body chooses over lifetimes.

Attachment, love, joy, hate, fear etc are body experiences. A Soul chooses to live and clear them as a body to move forward on it’s journey to higher planes.

When we say that a person on a certain journey should eat a certain kind of food, that is also because the food carries a certain energy field that when goes and merges with consciousness of the body, affects the energy field of the body. That’s why sometimes, when a person eats a food that they always liked, it suddenly starts feeling heavy because of the consciousness attached with food (thoughts, feelings etc).

A person on a certain journey is asked to consume less or no meat for same reason as the animals carry different consciousness,  more dense consciousness in terms of emotions they carry, and that when merges with human field makes the patterns and consciousness very different.

It’s not just about kindness or empathy. The Soul is timeless self. It chooses a certain experience through this body and once the experience through this body is complete it moves on to other space for different experiences as per it’s journey. More like transition from one mandala to another.

A Soul on the journey to upper planes in the Universe usually chooses to let go of as many physical pattern of the body. As long as the body has those patterns, the Soul will have to keep coming back to clear those patterns.

A dislike or like is also a pattern.

It is also possible that as a Soul, one is from upper planes, yet as a body, it goes through various changes of lower planes like pain, disease etc as the body consciousness has not evolved itself or opened itself to express Soul Consciousness fully and then the whole journey is about opening the body to Soul consciousness and allowing to reflect through every molecule.

That’s why it is usually recommended to do both body work like yoga and expansion work like healing that supports the expansion of consciousness of Soul through body and Soul as a whole.

As Soul expands, it moves to different dimensions and planes. Yet, as a body, it has to clear it’s contracts and patterns formed.

A lot of us get lost in one way or other. It is important that both are chosen as per the requirement of body and Soul.

A body carries patterns over centuries both of ancestors and ones own experiences. They both result in the kind of experience one has in physical world and within.

That’s why one body is calm in similar circumstances and another is not. Not because of it’s goodness or badness, but because of the experiences and patterns stored in each body.

A balance of masculine (physical) and feminine ( emotional and intuitive) is also a body experience.

A Soul is timeless self. It just has to to return and realise that state in a way that transforms everything.

The way one manages ones thoughts, feelings, emotions, expression, reaction affects the body Consciousness and ones expression through ones body.

It’s neither this nor that, it’s all of it together.

In joy

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