Ending 2017 with Style – Let go of Barriers 

#end2017 #breakthebarriers #thrive #rise

As the year closes, 

I am doing this exercise and in case You like you can do it too…

Add whatever you like.. .

“All the self constructed and inherited barriers and limitations that I did not consciously or unconsciously break and are secretly limiting me, 

I now break free of all of them. 

I acknowledge all of them and am willing to let go of them. 

Barriers to Trust.

Barriers to Creation. 

Barriers to Expansion. 

Barriers to Learning. 

Barriers to Love.

Barriers to Thrive. 

Barriers to just be me.

Barriers to be seen.

Barriers to Laughing 

Barriers to Rejoicing

Barriers to Excitement

Barriers to living

Barriers to Forgiving 

Barriers to letting go 

Barriers to Fly 

I now let go of all of them with this closing year and day.

Let a new day and days ahead unfold with freedom from barriers. ☺

With an invitation to a new me, free and true and authentic . 

Universe, I am willing. Let’s do it. 

I wanna create. A life full of miracles. 

Let’s work together on it. 



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