A perspective for future – Consciousness in Gaze

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Angulimaal was a dacoit in ancient times when Buddha was alive. 

People were scared of Angulimaal because he was infamous for cutting fingers of people and wearing them as a garland around his neck. 

One day, as destiny would have it, Buddha and Angulimaal crossed each other’s paths basis a foresight which Buddha had. And that became the turning point in Angulimaals life. He transformed and went into deep meditation and inner awakening with that one encounter. 

One may wonder, what happened in that one meeting. 

Buddha just looked at Angulimaal with so much compassion that his soul or inner Being awakened. 

For the first time, Angulimaal himself looked at him and felt a person or the Being that he did not know existed within him. 

He was constantly looking at himself via his actions and oaths and the way everyone saw him. 

When Buddha saw him, it was neither his actions, nor his perception or demeanor. 

Buddha saw him as him. The real him beyond all of it. And he saw it with his compassionate gaze at Angulimaal. 

This year, as we begin, 

May each one of us look into our own eyes and others with that compassionate gaze; that steers and awakens the Beingness or Soul that exists within each of us. 

Perhaps, that is enough to change the world. 

No more judgement. No more masks. No more separation. 

Total communion. Total Oneness. 

Here’s a warm hug to your Beingness in 2018. 

In Joy

Anushree Agarwal

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