A Vision with Monkeys in Uganda

Hello there,

I just hopped on to share a beautiful vision I have been having for last two days.

As I sleep, I will constantly see these Monkeys with something yellow in their hands. Very light in vibration and trying to speak something to me.

I had this vision for consistent three days. And I finally decided to tune in.

AS I meditated, they revealed themselves to be the Monkeys from Uganda.

I asked them what connects us at this point.

And they said, “If enough people at this point in humanity in their thoughts, visions, spoken words and projection start creating a world where everyone’s stomach is well fed, there will be an economic shift, a socio cultural shift that will bring in more power to humanity. When people project thoughts or ideas, they stay in collective consciousness. What stays in collective is what is naturally created. So instead of projecting or being oblivious to the cathartic problem of Food, its time to tap into the resources of present and the first step is mind or thoughts that mind taps into. Meditate or breathe and project a vision of Hunger free world. A Vision where food is available to every human being come what may. The change will happen. Action will automatically find its source from wherever it has to”

So, one may wonder, what do monkeys have got to do with this.

Monkeys are a very high vibrational species who actually hold the space of light for Trees and Elementals.

They work with element of air hence the hopping around trees is easier.

Air equalises thoughts and that’s what they are here to indicate.

Change the world with thoughts.

Thoughts create actions.

Thank you.

Lets do it.

To more magic and miracles


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