Your Connect to Your Emotions & The Liver & Dolphins

Have you ever wondered that your liver problems, or that sensation or discomfort below the ribs or in gut could be a sign of a unhealthy relationship with your emotions. Or too much of aggression or acidity or cold attitude or feeling dull about life could be indicating to something deeper.

Spiritually, it is the imbalance in Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra.

A disconnect or imbalance in Emotional/ Astral body can actually reflect as a discomfort or contraction in liver and the organs below and in lungs and heart. In extreme cases it can lead to diseases like Irritable bowel syndrome, Fatty liver, digestive issues imbalance in pancreas and so on.

A lot of us since childhood are taught to suppress our emotions and desires. On the other extreme, some of us over indulge in unhealthy emotions too like repeating a same scenario or pain again and again in our mind.

Some of us deny the emotional possibility in name of being spiritual and some in name of being stronger.

Both denial and excess can lead to clogging in this area and an imbalance in the overall emotional and health quotient of the individual.

Your emotions and Astral body is the one through which you experience 5 senses and other senses of Action, Love and warmth. You connect and enjoy the world and relationships better as you have a healthy connect with your Emotional body.

I myself had Meningitis, Jaundice, Chickenpox and Typhoid in childhood and eventually developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome in my 20s. Nothing worked till I resolved and healed my mental emotional body or the astral body.

I would play the same emotions or feel a particular way over and over again, feel left out and re create same scenarios and obviously was branded as emotionally unstable by those around me.

I would sabotage my own well being and success.

What was really happening was that there was a lot of residue from childhood, the residue of diseases and how it impacted my social IQ,and to add on were the genetic and past life patterns encoded in the emotional/astral body that were creating way too many holes in my emotional body and an inbalance of sorts that would reflect as aggression or victimisation in my attitude . And over time, these patterns deepened until I took steps to resolve them.

It all reflected in my skin, looks, behavior, health, confidence, self worth and so on.

I was depleted on energy towards the end contemplating between unhealthy thoughts of living or dying.

It would also reflect as lack of confidence and fear based psychology or too much of giving or doubting things or not able to trust my decisions and obviously a natural sense of discomfort with liver, lungs and colon.

Until I started working with compassion and Dolphins who in turn work magnificently work well on the emotional and astral body, the pain and patterns continued.

Working with Dolphins opened my space to a new level of emotional freedom inside me, one where I wasnt denying my emotions and at the same time not over indulging in them.

And as the emotional layer cleared, I opened up to many physical and spiritual possibilities.

I could see that I am able to nurture myself better and honor myself and others as required.

I was able to constructively look at my emotions than getting into a blame game sort of thing.

I was able to let go in true terms and a lot of reconciliation happened between people from my past and me. It was hust easy and effortless.

More than that, I was able to connect with Present in new way.

The stomach issues have vanished long ago and so has acne reduced.

More than that, I feel happy and joyful.

This doesnt mean that all of my patterns have dissolved. Some keep surfacing, yet its easy to identify and dissolve them as I move forward as they come up. I do not have to indulge and feel depreciated for long.

As I have worked with many clients and those who have learnt it, I have observed one common theme. Whatever story they came with while choosing the class or session has dissolved and they are free from that.

There may be more stories that uncover as they work on themselves further, yet the older ones have dissolved and a sense of comfort with themselves as begun.

The essence is same – the astral/ emotional body is critical to ones well being and experience on the planet. How you work with it and direct it is what will decide what you create with your life.

I wish you a healthy body and healthy life and thank you for reading this.

Anushree Agarwal is the Founder of Raising Consciousness with Dolphins and works with people in person and across the world via Internet to facilitate change for healthy living and freedom from limitations. You can connect with her for more details, workshops and sessions on consciouslivingwithanushree@gmail.com

1 thought on “Your Connect to Your Emotions & The Liver & Dolphins”

  1. A lovely read Anushree. I can vouch for all that you have mentioned as I have seen your aches and pains and the acne on your face whenever we have met. You too have now become marvelously calm, patient and the confidence soars a lot.

    Would like to thank you for teaching me in the 2 day sessions that you provided me. I have started to see a change in myself. The instances of rejection hurt me less and objections from people on my dreams and actions don’t bother me at all. I have also been using this connect to cure issues of viral fever where I don’t use medicines anymore for my cure.

    Thank you a lot!


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