Ask for Gratitude

Asking for the energy of gratitude eases out the body instantly. It is not a quick fix. It is more like there are millions vortexes of subconscious thoughts opened in our field from different spaces constantly making us feel less or stressed without even realising it. Subconsciously, sometimes we are under fear or pressure of… Continue reading Ask for Gratitude

How Animals melt us

#animals #life #embracelove #oneness They say animals can bring out a part of you in a completely different way. From someone who used to be absolutely scared of animals aka life esp dogs... As I expanded and melted through my barriers with life, I started energetically communicating with all species. Birds, insects, plants, animals, trees,… Continue reading How Animals melt us

Spring Cleanse Part 2

#springcleanse2 #clearoldbaggage Often, we carry old energies, objects and emotions unknowingly and that blocks our space from receiving new. Moreover it creates lethargy and makes us slow unknowingly when we dont let go of what needs to be gone... U dont have to specifically identify this... ask and the Universe will take care of the rest... And watch the magic... As always, breathe deep and ask thrice ❤

How I explored the Feminine as I left my Corporate Career

Being in Corporate for long made me a woman who was constantly looking at being accepted for herself amongst a set of men & women who had a completely economical construct and way of looking at life, business & relationships. A completely logical and comparative structure of life where ones success was dependant on ones… Continue reading How I explored the Feminine as I left my Corporate Career

Is a Flower different from Me?

I looked at a flower. Then a bird. Then an animal. I wondered what are they really. Kept wondering how are they separate from me. I looked at another human, wondered further. What is the difference. What is the resistance or difference really. Then I kept looking at the flower. Isnt the flower a manifestation… Continue reading Is a Flower different from Me?