Is a Flower different from Me?

I looked at a flower. Then a bird. Then an animal. I wondered what are they really. Kept wondering how are they separate from me. I looked at another human, wondered further. What is the difference. What is the resistance or difference really.

Then I kept looking at the flower. Isnt the flower a manifestation of the same energy of which I manifested from. Isnt a bird or an animal or a human the manifestation of the same energy in a different form.

So, am I identifying with the form. Which in itself a manifested idea of an energy or should I identify with the Core from where the manifestation creates itself.

Am I trying to change the form or I am trying to change the Creator of form or do I have these multiple ideas of construction and existence of forms.

A form – is just an idea manifesting itself.

What am I manifesting myself as through my own beliefs.

The same energy that is creating the flower is creating me with the beliefs I have about my form.

Think about it.



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