How Animals melt us

#animals #life #embracelove #oneness

They say animals can bring out a part of you in a completely different way.

From someone who used to be absolutely scared of animals aka life esp dogs…

As I expanded and melted through my barriers with life, I started energetically communicating with all species.

Birds, insects, plants, animals, trees, flowers… and understanding how whole cycle of creation works itself together… how they all have a role and are playing it to sustain and build life on planet… the oneness of it all…. and I still continue to learn a lot from them..

Do you know Ants and Cockroaches actually come in to clear energies of a house and are normally present to help you in energetic balance. Instead of focussing on killing them, have gratitude for them and observe where are they going… the area they are moving in needs clearance.. and balancing… some density would have accumulated there over time… and as you focus on clearing it…. they choose to move somewhere else…

Do you know bees and birds bring an emotional and elemental balance in the environment and they come in again to communicate something

Last year as I went to Isha Ashram, it had a different impact on me… like my barriers with other forms of life melted more and more quickly

As I spent more time on Encompass group and with Sohini I started seeing a different possibility of working with them… and expanding the love to understand them energetically and their role on the planet…

And slowly my barriers have dissolved…

This is my first pic with a friend of a friend…. Hope… the way she received love… it melted something in my heart… and her ease…

Thank you Nischitha and Deepak for allowing me to be qithwith her…

And thank you Sohini for bringing this aspect in my life…


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