Letting Go of False Pride as I Surrender

#falsepride #surrender #ego

I Used to Think or rather Believe I am very Humble. I had these perceptions about me. A Persona constructed within me.

Until I realised and learnt to “Surrender” and Be a Part of Everything and allow everything to be a part of me.

Flow. Absolute flow. How empty I needed to be to flow. Beyond the constructs of heart and mind. Beyond the intellect and assumed patterns of “knowing”.

The only thing blocking me from being a part of everything was a false sense of Pride and Arrogance.

It Existed in Ways I could not have imagined. The need to be Something or Someone. The need to protect something. To defend something.

And then, with time, as I asked,

“Universe, Let me Be One with Everything”

… I realised the depth of Ego, Fear and False Pride one wears that in itself is the boundary between oneself and everything. The sense of protecting and holding on to something. The need to have something. The fear of tomorrow.

Slowly and Gradually, I am allowing it to dissolve.
This ego, this defense, this pride, this me. Slowly, I am allowing the expectations and constructs of this mind to dissolve to be able to see and experience life as it is.

“Universe, Let me surrender to you completely. Let the boundaries dissolve completely. Let me One with all of you consciously.”

Oneness totally

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