I am Free Now.

As I step into this path of Being Me

Me that doesnt even exist

Me that is a part of everything

Everyone and noone

I realise

Can I really contain my intensity for anything

Or anyone or In Just One Role or Relationship

Can a Relationship which in itself has boundaries

And rules and unsaid much more

Contain what I can give and receive

Can it bear that much load

And then I decided

To let everyone and myself free

Whoever You Are

However You are Connected to Me

I now Set You Free

From every Role and Every Obligation

From the need to hate me and love me

Or be nice to me or deceive me

Or abide by me or try to like me

Hate me to your core if you feel like

Love me to your core if you feel like

Be jealous if if you feel like

Be nice if you feel like

Do it with such an intensity

That it opens the floodgates of

Eternity of Freedom within you.

I will not be bound by your intensity

I will not be bound by your talks

I will not be bound by your love or hate

I will take it all

I will let it go and surrender it all

To that which creates

And that which destroys

And nothing will be mine

From hereon

I free myself and you

From every roleplay we choose to play

A friend, an enemy, A lover, A partner

A colleague, A mentor, A teacher, A student

A known, Or unknown filament

Lying deep within you and me

I free you from the need

To be nice to me

I free myself from the need

To be nice to you

I free Us from everything

That beheld us together

I free this need to exist

For you to come to me

Or me to seek you

For when I am Free

And You are free

The Cosmos will come together

In whichever form it wants to Rejoice in

Through You and Me

As filaments of same Universe

Being nothing and Just Everything

Required in that Moment.


I set you free

I set myself free

You are not bound by me anymore.





I dont exist in any of it as a boundation


I enjoy and pursue

My total Freedom

And Set Ablaze

The fire of nothingness.


~ Anushree

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