What’s the Purpose of Money Really?

#barter #money #lifepurpose #exchange

Just like every other planet in the cosmos, there exists a planet Earth.
On every planet, as per the stage of evolution & nature of Existence, there exists an energy that flows from one individual to another to create an exchange.

This exchange also encourages flow & support between individuals. And allows things to be created on that planet as per the higher will of the planetary force and its inhabitants.

No one own this form of exchange. It is something that keeps flowing and such is the essential nature of its creation. People trust and do their “dharma” and it keeps flowing to them.

On planet earth, this energy translated from Barter to Money at some point in planetary evolution.
An energy that’s prime intent is to keep flowing easily, effortlessly to all creating a balance and fluidity in the environment; to support everything that is in goodwill and alignment of planetary higher will.

At some point, the human mind and heart became infected with lack. The power syndrome took over and humans misidentified accumulation of this energy as life force energy and a way to feel more secure.
And thus began the imbalance on this Planet which is existent at its peak now.

An imbalance of an energy whose nature is to flow. In its flow it creates more wonders.
And yet, petty humans keep thinking all the time, how can I have it more.

Not realising what flows will reach them eventually in one way or other, if they open their minds and hearts completely and focus on the purpose they came to fulfill on this Planet.

Money is a part of this Planet. As humans understand and Fulfill their Life purpose, the energy of money will naturally find ways to reach them to fulfill their purpose and enjoy this Planet.

Simple truth. Hard to Grasp.

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