Sam-Bhaav – How to have A Sense of Equanimity to Those Who Don’t Resonate

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Sam-Bhaav ~ A sense of equanimity and Oneness with all in a physical world often becomes a challenge for each of us.

There are people who trigger us, they can be loved ones or some distant people or anyone. Slowly, those trigger points starts building in us.

The trigger could be the way they treat us or hold dual emotions of both love and jealousy or of doubt and trust about us within them and how it reflects in their actions.

Over time these emotions build in us and create a sense of resistance towards those individuals and maintaining a sam-bhav towards others can be difficult.

In such situations, it is important to be willing and able to look at them the way they are and the spaces from where they are coming.

Like for instance, there could be someone in your space who appreciates you on the face and yet holds dual thoughts of jealousy and envy behind your back. At the same time, this person may be loving towards you. Now, you may be getting affected by that aspect of duality in them.

If you look at them beyond both love and jealousy, you will realise that they are coming from an inherent space of insecurity or sense of lack within them. That sense of lack triggers and projects thoughts of envy or jealousy or insecurity towards you everytime they see you or think about you.

And it is quite possible that they also love you. But the love or what they can actually be for you is influenced by duality.

When you look at that shadow in them of lack with absolute compassion, there is nothing left to resist about them.

Because it is a shadow they are struggling with and it is am inherent part of their journey. And that reflects in their attitude towards you or anyone else.

LIFE on this planet is dual – people can be good and mean at the same time depending on which part of their persona is active. And mostly, they are not even aware of it.

In Sam-bhaav you practice deep compassion even for the shadow inside them and realise anything they project from that space of shadow or love is not real about you. It is just a projection and it is a reflection of the space and journey they are in.

When you try practicing compassion with Hoponopo ” I am sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank you, I love you ” with them, you actually open up something for their hearts as well.

For that shadow would have existed for lack of something at some point and it is an experience they are choosing to have.

And hence nothing they be or do is about you. And that makes it easy to have that space of Unity consciousness towards them where you are in allowance of even that which does not resonate with you.


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