Trust and Love- What makes the Creation Itself

A spiritual journey or physical life journey both are incomplete without sufficient experiences of trust and love in different forms.

Look at this way, at every stage of soul journey which eventually translates into different lives and experiences , a soul experiences and creates those experiences of trust and love in different forms. May be it choses a physical relationship of different roles like mother or father who is also a daughter and son who is also a sibling and friend who is also a worker and who is also ones own best friend and also inherently a Soul on its own journey kayaking with others it chooses along . All of these dynamics lead to realisation of these virtues at the Core.

Every relationship dynamics be it with oneself or others or with life or work pushes us to Experience these Virtues to the Core . Ability to Trust and Ability to Love.

Trust holds the life form energy in an individual and love flows the life force energy within an individual.

Trust and love are two pillars that make up the vortex of creation itself.

Realisation of that vortex or the “very nature of creation” in every form and life form in both matter and non matter is the essence of life itself . It naturally brings in the essence of interconnectedness and oneness between different life forms of creation.

Trust and love in a physical world, trust and love in an emotional world, trust and love in a mental world, trust and love in a spiritual world – a soul chooses enough experiences of each nature to fulfill and create the nature of experience at each level.

A spiritual journey and physical journey both are incomplete without the integration of enough experiences of each kind.

Sometimes, in our need or because of subconscious barriers, we start blocking experiences of any kind. We stop blocking experiences of love or of trusting our own selves or of trusting others or of ascension or raising our frequency.

We can easily allow many things and the experiences that they will bring in life but we start blocking them. We Forget that we are here on an experiential journey. We start holding ourselves tight and try to protect something from somebody

We start feeling out of alignment and start feeling lethargic and haywire or dull and cranky or restless or just low or hopeless.

While at the core of it is an inherent need to return to the core of Creation that is trust and love itself.

Next time you feel haywire or restless or just withdrawn,


Where have I stopped trusting life?

Where have I stopped loving?

Where have I drifted away from my Core?

Where have I stopped connecting to my Core?

Where is my Core?

Ask these questions, like a bout of lightning and rain they will find the answer in time and you will have a sense of realisation that will enable you to connect to your core and feel better.

Your Life is a subtotal of all the experiences you have chosen to have and experience them fully.

It is a subtotal of the experiences lived well and integrated.

It is a subtotal of every situation where you have a choice of experiencing a certain level of mastery in both of these virtues and then integrating them as One with Everything.

Where are you not enabling yourself fully with the realisation and experiences of these emotions.

Ask And then allow.

Set the intent

” I allow myself to Experience the Trust and Love across every reality as intended for me fully. I allow myself to Experience the Trust and Love I can in current moment fully ”


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