Experience Multi Dimensionality With Dolphins

In the intricate structure of Universe and Mother Earth, everything that is life and sustains life is first and foremost a life source, then an astral source of life and then it manifests itself into the physical dimension of life.

Everything that we see on the Planet- Birds, Animals, Dolphins, Trees , Horses , Crystals , Elements exist in the Universe as different dimensions in the Universe with beautiful life intelligence and an ability to transform everything around us and within us.

As humans and environment we are regulated and influenced by these dimensions in every way. It is just that as one moves from physical to spiritual to understand the spiritual dimensions of life beyond the visible, it is then one realises and experiences the beautiful tapestry of life forming sources and how can they help us in enhancing our experience, depth and perception of life.

” Multi – dimensionality with Dolphins” workshop is the beginning point for many to experience other dimensions.

Dolphins don’t just exist as animals. That is the last leg of role they play on earth . In essence they are a beautiful source of light on planet to sustain the water energy in oceans and in human and plant consciousness.

Interacting with them and using few to many tools can help in expanding your perception beyond the physical and strengthening your core ability to be able to use the influence and knowledge of other dimensions to enhance your ability to elevate your consciousness and experience a totally different world

They beautifully help in centering and expanding your ability to work with your heart and higher realms and understand the complex dimensions of life.

If you are a seeker who wants to experience other dimensions and benefit from them, and wants to ready oneself to have a sustained experience of other dimensions even beyond dolphin realm, then this workshop is for you.

The information provided can range from the energy blocks in your own energy system to how to strengthen the light body and the ability to enhance your interconnectedness wirh other dimensions.

How to channel and release the emotions stuck within your consciousness with ease.

And how light from other sources can integrate and strengthen your potential.

How letting go can be an easy and effortless process for a lot of you.

The next workshop to experience this is on
27th and 28th October 2018.
Contact : Anushree . She is the facilitator and channeler for this course.

Send me an email on Anushree.soulreading@gmail.com to get more details.

Have a blissful day

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