A NEW EMERALD GOLDEN Ray enters Planets today


With the changes on planet and shifts in consciousness, a new form of emerald golden light is entering the planet that can help heal both the wounded masculine and feminine. This light is forming a deep aspect of healing that earth may require in coming days and weeks. A higher dimensional light entering into the planetary aspect indicates the shift of consciousness and change of plasma particles to more light.

Emerald golden Ray enters Earth today

How humanity will experience this light is via transmissions of waves entering their system and issues of heartbreak or resentment coming to surface suddenly up for resolve. Those suffering from heart, kidney and liver issues will suddenly see the emotional and thoughts connected with it coming to surface. Relationships will see new light to resolve and heal.

A new dimension and aspect of monetary exchanges and contracts and paths connecting with it will also emerge.

If you are a healer or lightworker, try connecting with your guides and allow the healing emerald ray to integrate into your system. This will also pave deeper methods of healing and evolution of consciousness to emerge in many aspects. Issues with respect to children, money and past patterns may emerge for healing in next few weeks.

The wounded feminine will feel relieved in many ways, something that it has been seeking for milleniums.

A lot of emergence for support for plants and crops will emerge.

Allow yourself to align to this wave and see the shift happening dynamically in your system..

You may also get new insights about helping the planet in newer ways

New crystals carrying this wave will also be unearthed in coming days and weeks and months.

Something new is ushering. The cosmos has lot to give to earth as humanity ascends.

Together we shift and cocreate the Beauty of planet.

I am now willing to receive the Beauty of new Emerald ray coming into earth and be supported in the healing process as per Divine will.

Stay blessed
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