The next 2 weeks from February 18th to 4th March are very important spaces of Manifestation. While you can manifest anytime of the year, during this time the Light from galactic core in the Universe flows directly to the planet thereby giving a natural uplift to anything projected.

Most people think of Manifestation as a window to ask for something very physical and stick to it. Like a car or house or promotion or marriage or kid.

While that is a good approach, there is something deeper to the energy and intent of Manifestation that will come to forefront in coming weeks and months.

Think for example, what does having a hefty pay package or some fame in your work place or sticking to something gives you. Or having an employee or network that can enhance you and your ease at work. Perhaps a sense of comfort or recognition or a sense of acknowledgement and security Or joy. Now ask yourself whatever you are doing to get that, is it bringing you deep joy and relief. For some it may be yes, for some no.

Most people get lost in the idea of manifesting fame, success and money either for themselves or because they think someone else has it and that is better. They sometimes forget that deep inside their hearts what they are really seeking is contentment, ease, letting go, flow, rhythm, joy , happiness and an ability to surrender and create whatever brings all of this to them. An ability to speak or share all of this with those they love or perhaps an ability to express.

That does not mean in any way that you should not ask for more money or a lover or some peace in your relationships. Ask for that yet delve deeper.

What you also need to manifest is an ability to see beyond the visible and listen deeply to what really brings you ease and joy.

Once you ask, what you are looking to manifest could come as a reminder in form of a song, or someones post or some article or book or movie or anything.

The important thing to recognise for you to manifest is

1. Knowing what you really desire deeply. That which brings you joy ease security and comfort

2. Ability go recognise and accept it

3. Asking for a fluid path to be created for you to align to it

4. Asking your receptivity to be increased to a level where you read the signs and flow with them

5. Putting them on paper and allowing it to manifest.

6. Trusting and believing it will happen in the right space and time and you are being led to that

For some people who are struggling with some disease, or some anxiety, you can even manifest the openness and right solutions to resolve same to be aligned to you. You can ask for both the Path and resources to be able to be connected to right solutions for you.

For those who are looking at perhaps a newer path or something more from life, you can ask the universe to open you to those Channels.

For those who are looking for some harmony and peace in marital life or in-laws, you can ask for a way that creates balance and compassion I the family. And anything that leads to that.

For those who enjoy travel and are stuck because of money or some relocation, ask for a clear path and resources to make it more fluid.

For those looking at ease with their kids or going higher in the spiritual realms, ask for your receptivity to be deepened to the spiritual dimensions.

You can even manifest more forgiveness, more gratitude and more connection to earth. You can even manifest more experienced of love everyday and reminders to feel same. You can ask for your inner voice to grow deep .

You can even ask for newer methods to get over your anger or irritation or sense of loss. Or having a better sense of self acceptance and self worth.

For those looking for anything else, put it down. The important thing is to recognise and ASK.

The universe is going to take you deeper into your manifestation in this phase. It is not just about a house or a car or a promotion, it is also wanting you to recognise when you have all of that

“What is it that you are truly seeking to feel and celebrate. ”

Ask for that and this too.

Think, mull, open to yourself. Ask for that which liberates you and fulfills you. Nothing better than Joy in different forms and aspects.

May you be able to manifest as much joy and harmony as you truly seek.

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