Was it Just a Flower or a Tree

🌻🌻🌻~ Was it just a flower or a tree~🌻🌻🌻

I looked at a flower and wondered.
On the tree or the shrub
It smiles and creates wonders
When it falls or plucked,
It retains its wonder.

A living organism in itself
That when connected to its bearer
Smiles and does wonders
And even when disconnected
Is connected to its core
The core that sustains it
And connects it in someway
To its bearer.

It stays alive
For so long
Sometimes for hours
Sometimes for days
The hues of its petals
The lustre of its sepals
The depth of its aura
The joy of its presence
The fragrance that it emits
The vividity of balance that it permits
In any room
Any space.

It is just a flower
That you and me
And someone else
Plucked from the tree
Or the shrub
Or the vines
Took it away from its bearer.

And yet,
Look at the selfless divine beauty
That smiles deep from within
Each flower
With its beautiful presence of light & tone
Touches the soul
Of every kind
The touch of its fragrance
Becomes a source
For so much more

A flower is ever alive
In it’s own kind
In a way
It reminds me
Of Saint Dadhichi
The effervescence of his sacrifice
Reverberates through every pore
Of this universe
In some way
His sacrifice
Is a part of each of us
In many ways

To the flower
And to the saint
To the tree
Who is always a saint
To the sacrifice of
Infinite trees
That multiply the beauty of creation
In myriad ways

To their selflessness
And to their strength
May your tribe multiply
And may us humans
Realise the worth
Of every flower
And every herb
And the selflessness that you emit
And everything else
That we receive
In infinite ways
From you
No amount of gratitude
And respect
Can complete
The contribution you are
To sustenance
Of each of us.

Thank you.
I bow to you
With my heart and soul.


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