Cosmic Ascension & Influx of New Souls on Mother Earth

Since the inception of Earth, in different eras (yugas) there was an inflow of light and also a density that settled in different aspects of earth owing to different sorts of experiments, thought structures, wars, weaponry , implants , the position of earth in relation to sun and influx of light and so on.

The collective consciousness moved from a high space of light to lesser light. From an era where the language between birds, animals, plants and humans was one; we moved to a separation paradigm where I was separate from We and We were separate groups and different species. From an era where anything could manifest in an instant be it good or bad, we moved to reduction in speed of manifestation.

From an era where higher vibrational beings could be easily seen with naked eyes, today it needs an inner opening of dimensions.

As Mother earth was approaching the end of Kali yuga and beginning of New era there was a universal influx of light and it was collectively decided to bring relief to Mofher earth and different species who were trapped in this density and were either extinct or on verge of extinction. There were plants insects sea animals birds land animals air animals microbes all seeking relief and comfort. Different lands, Rivers and lakes were seeking comfort as well. If left to one person or few this was a work of millenniums.

Earth as a planet holds vital codes for sustenance and flow in the cosmic hierarchy. Hence it was decided that in patterns of 4, in decades after decades, different souls will incarnate at different places at different intervals across the planet who will take on certain planetary karma that is nothing but the planetary structure to transmute it and collectively create the way for more light on the planet. These souls started coming in early 1950s and are currently at different places in the world, there are different souls who call themselves Lightworkers working selflessly for the Ascension of Gaia or Mother Earth. Together they form multiple grids and connect to a common grid as well to bring in more and more light into the earth and strengthen it.

These souls transmute these patterns through their physical bodies and also understand the language of light in different ways. Some may connect with elementals, some may connect with a water stream, some may be working with Crystal’s, some may understand flowers , some may connect with sun , some with birds, some with dolphins, some with grids and through that each of them have taken upon them to open them the path of light for these species into the earth and for themselves as well. For this , they are required to purify themselves at a much deeper degree and keep their light bodies pure as possible to anchor the light energies at different times into different aspects of Gaia. Some are star seeded, some are aspects of planets and some carry a mix of many energies smoothly blended for whatever skill set they have come forward with for Gaias ascension. In assisting Gaia to ascend, they naturally ascend.

This ascension is critical not just for earth but also for the future souls who are being born on earth now and in future. The last few years have seen massive influx of new and advanced souls who can talk about stars and galaxies since birth, who can use their psychic abilities easily , who can listen to earth and who are sensitive to the pain of their parents and their patterns and surroundings.

These children are lighter in vibration and critical in anchoring the new vibration for planet. A planet that knows and understand the natural rhythm and balance of Mother Nature and knows how to sustain that balance. It is these children who are the front runners for Gaia in years to come for their vibrations are much more lighter in nature and the parents often struggle to fit them in regular paradigm of their limited knowing.

These kids will guide the parents to take the right decisions, sometimes they fall sick to indicate their parents certain implications of their decisions or behaviours, they talk a light language that may seem very cartoonish but in essence is the language of the work of stars they are doing.

Many of these mothers had to go through a lot of purification in their wombs before they could conceive to give birth to these kids. Many of these mothers are still not understanding the lightness of environment and sensitivity and closeness to nature that these kids need.

Many of the mothers about to conceive have started going through purification just before they can conceive . This is to create the right environment for their kids internally. Mother nature has created a natural path for their incoming by bringing in more light into the wombs of mothers about to conceive.

These kids are also demanding and internally need a softer environment where music, dance, arts, plantation , birds , animals , rivers, ocean , mountains all can come together and contribute to their growth and deeper understanding of this planet.

These kids are looking for spaces where they can bring what they know forward to earth in many ways. They are also Healer souls in many ways who are radiating their light into the earth and bringing joy to their surroundings.

A lot more on these kids shall be covered in my future articles and posts.

For now it is important to understand that there is a lot of work being done to give this planet a shape and strength it always had but was buried under density of our doings.

Ascension is for collective and each soul will be impacted in some way and is experiencing the changes. Albeit late many are recognizing the shift in their thoughts and vibrations or a need to be free or just a need to align to their inner knowing or soul purpose.

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