THE STORY OF A STUBBORN ANT 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜

Once upon a time there was a beautiful ANT. The ant was Diligent, Stubborn & Trusting in the Flow of Divine. Every morning whether it is rainy or sunshine, whether it is windy or far, the ant would travel far around to gather food for itself and the tribe.
Many other species with far larger capacities like dogs, squirrels, birds , elephant mocked at the ant. They said ,
“You are a fool. You put your life in danger for no reason. Look at us. We are so big. With such big bodies. We have accomplished a lot. What do you get by putting yourself in so much danger. You can be like us in next birth or behave the way other ants do. ”
The ant was unshaken in its resolve. Every morning it will step out to do its job. It had this faith that no matter what happens, it is always taken care of by the divine. Every time the ant felt danger, it just surrendered to the divine. Including the multiple dangers of death. The food that it gathered and wherever it was, sometimes even under the paws of big animals and sometimes in the beaks of birds, it managed to survive and escape. The wind shall protect the ant and so shall mother earth.
Many years passed like this. Many were amazed by this ants capability to sustain and live. One fine day, a monk came and could communicate with the ant in his sadhna. He saw the ant floating in the leaf on the river and the light of deep trust revolving around the ant. It had a light unlike many others in that forest.
Through his divine vision, he could clearly see and witness how the ant has been able to strengthen its soul power and ability to sustain with its deep trust & surrender to divine.
The monk burst in tears for it is that which he was looking to master but was failing at different ends. And hence was feeling stuck after many years.
An ant with its light of trust in divine taught him the lesson and opened the path to his deeper surrender and trust.
An ant, with its power to surrender and trust , in its frail body , became a beacon of light to the monk who was seeking same.
Ones choice to surrender and trust deeply does change oneself. It also becomes a larger reason for many souls who are seeking same to choose as well
So what are you choosing today ?


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