Every Soul Can Contribute to Earth

#soulpurpose #everysoulcontributes

Every soul that comes on the planet carries a frequency that contributes to Mother Earth naturally by virtue of its ability to contribute. The contribution at a soul level may happen in invisible ways for the physical mind yet it may bring in a lot of soul satisfaction.

Many souls wonder as to how to contribute to the planet in an easier way.

The easiest way to begin is by stating the intent to Highest Force of Divine that

” May my soul be enabled at this point to be the contribution it can be for Mother Earth with total ease by the Highest Power of Divine. I now ask the Divine to enable that through me now”

A simple intent like this can kickstart the process at a soul level.

The deeper the intent, the easier the flow.

The soul satisfaction and joy one may get through this may be deep within and may reflect in physical over time in different ways.

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