What is Soil for you. What makes it fertile.

Essentially Soil is MIX OF LIGHT and SOUND WAVES. A balance of both. A combination of light and sound manifesting as Matter as Soil.

A womb within womb and multiple wombs exist within soil. To sustain all alike.
When looked from the perspective of light and sound , everything we know and understand about Soil changes.
The DEEPER the LIGHT in the soil, the more fertile whatever grows on it is.
Fertile not just from the point of amount of yield, but also the PURITY and PRANA ( Vital force life sustaining energy) from everything that grows and sustains on it.
As important it may be that how many flowers or fruits did a tree yield once you manured the soil; it is equally important that even if there was one flower or fruit it had the vital force energy and balance of light as much as it could possibly be.
And as we discover soil as light force energy, all that we know of why certain birds , insects, plants and animals blossom or wither in certain soil changes too.
You are in this body because Soil Is on the planet.
When was the last time you connected with Soil.

Or took some steps to nurture the soil.
Could you at the least hold some soil in your hands today and bless the soil In your landscape and earth and bless all the souls who tirelessly maintain the light quotient of the soil
Could that be something your child needs from you as inheritance.

Ps : The hands in image are not mine. I donot own them. πŸ˜‹

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