Till Solstice… Plants Transmute

#plants #solstice #neemtulsi #transmutation🌳🌴The flow of light + alignment of Moon cycles till Solstice is such that a lot of shedding happens not just for humans, but different species, land bodies , insects , plants , land and water animals as well.

🌱🌲Plants have a Freewill and many choose to let go of collective patterns that may be blocking their light from expanding or flowing in fullness on Earth. Solstice period in Dec is an ideal time because of the alignment of cosmic energies and the way light flows inside core of earth.

⚘🌱A lot of plants and trees across the planet are currently choosing to take help of 5 elements ( Earth Water Wind Fire Akash) to transmute and let go of old patterns and stuck elements.

🌻🌼🌾Few plants that are high on transmutation today and tomorrow are Tulsi ( Holy Basil) , Willows ( in West ) , Neem , Banyan Tree , Lotus , Dafoodils , Marigold.

🍀🍁☘If you are plant sensitive and go near them, you shall see the plant inward, the leaves transmuting colors and shedding old leaves and also the trees with help of wind creating a symphony of music to let go of what ain’t needed. The leaves may be duller and the plant may be inward. The energy field of the plant may be shifting.

🌲🌳🌴Pruning may help on these days as the plants can easily shed what ain’t needed esp if they are in residential space. In forests these needs are taken care of by Mother Nature and her Emissiaries in Forests. Allowing the plant to rest and not extract much in terms of flowers may also be ideal.

☘🌿⚘Fundamentally, what trees and plants absorb from the collective or earth sometimes does not find a path to leave them and blocks the new aspects of light and sound from entering their system to further evolve and grow.From now till 21st Dec each day a certain element in plant mandala shall transmute and shed.

🌺🌻🌼Being in tune with same can also deepen your understanding of how nature evolves in a natural way. And also how nature has an innate intelligence of it’s own.

💮🌸💐If you are someone who meditates with plants or loves them , a small intention may go a long way to help them and you

🍁🍁” I now ask that I let go of whatever I am holding on to that the trees, flowers , fruits , leaves and stems need to shed from their system. I pray that their transmutation and regeneration is easy and effortless. And all the teams assisting them are blessed. So it is done so it is done so it is done ” 🍁🍁

🎵🍀🎵You can also chant to give more power to the trees mandala today and tomorrow.

Sending out love to them may also help during this time.

May you be blessed with the ability to contribute to trees and their kins in best way if you choose to.

~ Chronicles from a Earth Healers Diary.

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