Mystical Poems

Today, I blossom in Gratitude…

~ ❀ ~ Showered with Gratitude ~❀~

My heart blossomed
With gratitude umpteenTo everything
And everyone
To every tiny aspect of existence
That contributed
To making me
This me
From eternity


I don’t know all
I don’t even recognise
What all
Came together
In the making of me
I just know
Those tiny parts
I recognise
That touch somewhere
In my everyday
In the making of me


How can I just be grateful
To all that I see
AND know

Wouldn’t that be
Somewhere incomplete
How can I just share
This little piece of my heart
With only those
Who I meet and know
How can I limit these blessings
And the gratitude deep beneath
To just one or more


Today my heart
Wants to fly
And surrender to sky
And sprinkle
Rainbows of thank you
To everything
That has created
Led me
This far
To this version
And moment
Of me


I thank everything
That everything is made up of
Everything that shifted
And came together
To this creation of me
Me that is
Beyond everything
And in everything
And in this moment
And in these verses
Flowing like poetry
Yet they are verses
Opening my heart

With deep umpteen gratitude


And blessings to all

Those souls who nourish

Those souls who cherish

Those souls who suffered
Those souls who blossomed
Those souls who moved something
Those souls who wounded
Those souls who I never met
Yet have always been
A part of this creation
Nurturing me
The creation of me


I bow to all
To infinity
And surrender my gratitude
And sprinkle some blessings
To everything


May everything be blessed
May everyone be blessed
May the hearts that choose
To read till this end
Be eternally blessed


And those who could not
Be also blessed

Such is the immense power
Of gratitude
It opens my heart
To everything


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