Mystical Poems

You May be Like a River Darling…

U may be like a river darling
Wanting to flow

And yet you will meet the rocks
And stones
Wanting to remain a stone
Or a rock
On the way


U may be like a river darling
Wanting to touch
With your love
Everything you meet
And yet you will
Meet the rocks
Who will stand tall
Feeling that
They are
Blocking your way


The rocks dont know if they can move
Some know and may not want to move
And yet
You remember
You are a river
Which flows


Even through the crevices
Between the rocks
It creates a way
And keeps moving

You may be like a river darling
Who may want to exude
The joy of living and giving
And sharing and caring
And yet you will meet
Many of those
Stoned by the pain
And sorrow
And then you will learn


How to give time
And be patient
And yet keep flowing
Whichever way
You find the space
To flow

That is why
You are a river
Not a lake
Not a mountain
For you know
How to flow
With everything


And let those be
Who are weaved in time
And give them time
To choose what they seek

You and them
Become a part
Of Mother Nature
And bring relief
To so many


You in your movement
They in their stability
Together create

The balance
Of Movement and Stability
And bring forward

The momentum
Needed for earth.

You remember
You are the flow
And it is your job
To flow
And also a lesson
For you to learn
To keep flowing
Through this life
In everything.


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