Two Souls Became The Beacons of Love…


Two souls
From different space and time
Kept meeting again
And then again
In different bodies and forms
On different planets
Different dimensions


Two souls
Who kept meeting
Had some times
Extremely powerful
In Love and Joy
Solidarity and Creation
And then some times
Of Betrayal and
Letting down
Of Walking away
At Key Moments


The Journey of 2 souls
Kept aligning
For the wounds had to heal
That each carried
Of being hurt
And repeating same
And so these 2 souls
Came again
On the planet earth
To heal the same


They both Magnetized
To the depth of Creation
They both could Create
And yet
Time and again
Emerged Patterns
Of previous times
Taking away
The joy to pain


Two souls Choose
To Not Give In
To these Patterns
But to Surrender
To the Path of Divine
And Choose the Path
Of Forgiveness
Of Surrender
And Letting go
And Embed
Trust in Time.


As one opened to Forgive
And one realised
The depth of wounds
That hurt in time
They both choose
To take the action
And make the changes
Deep inside



Love & Forgiveness
Surrender of Control
Deep Understanding
And To Trust
To be Able to Let Go
To Surrender their Defenses
Their Ask to the Divine
To be Able
To Let go
To Reconnect in Love
And Joy
Time and Again


As the Ask became Deep
To heal those wounds
With Divine Grace & Love
The River of Forgiveness
Flew Strong between them
Healing one to another


…And each realised
The mistakes and circumstances
That kept repeating
Time and again
Were just a pattern
Of some choices
Or some aspects
That were embedded
Deep in time
And kept emerging
To either be repeated
Or be dissolved
At different times.


They made a choice
To dissolve the patterns
As they kept emerging
At different points
In different ways
In different spaces
As friction or dense thoughts

In deep surrender to the divine
2 souls found
The path to forgive
And also heal
Those deeper wounds
To take Actions
In the present
That changed the flow
Of Movement
Of Love , Solidarity
And Relationships
From Present
To Future .


In that Choose 2 Souls
To not be a Product
Of the past
But to Choose
From Light of Awareness
That which is Needed
In the Present
To Heal and Seal
Those Chords and Patterns
That may have Created
And Repeated
In different spaces & time


And then these 2 souls
Emerged in fullness
With healing of those parts
That were aching since centuries
In pain unknown
And became the Beacons
Of Fulfillment
And Love


For the fulfillment they derived
In making the choice
To Forgive
Not Repeat
And Love
Changed the course
Of these 2 souls.


Such is the power
Of Grace and Divine
That can shift and alter
That was embedded
In time
As a stuck pattern.
To open the path
To the river
Of fulfillment
And healing.


May you be blessed
With the heart and Grace
To forgive and choose
The path of unburdening
Via Joy of forgiveness


Stay blessed.




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