Mystical Poems

Surrender happens in those moments….


Surrender happens
In those moments
When you are unable
To connect with divine
And yet you ask
The divine to connect
With you
To create the way
For you to feel
The deeper connect
Of divine with you


Surrender happens
In those moments
When all seems dark
And desolate
And yet you hold the torch
And tell the divine
That no matter
How dim it seems
You know you are being watched 🌻
But are not able to trust 🌻
Yet want to trust 🌻
And you ask for that 🌻
Which can help you
To see the light
Available with clarity


Surrender happens
In those moments
When you are sad or broken
Or just hopeless
Or just feeling heartbroken
Or agonized over loss
And you tell the divine
Everything you feel
Both good and bad
All that you may never tell
Even your kin and lover
Yet You are willing
To pour it all out
Uncensored ⚘
Uninterrupted ⚘
Just like a child ⚘
Or a friend ⚘
To the divine ⚘
And allow yourself
To be cradled
Even though
You may be closed
To receiving the force
Of divine


Surrender happens
In those moments
When you just joyful
Or ecstatic
Or abundant
Or content
And you realise
Even this is a part
Of the Grace of Divine
And you allow yourself
To acknowledge
The depth of beauty
The divine has created
No matter what was lost
Gets balanced
In those moments of joy
Or abundance
Or a wish fulfilled
Or a meal served well.
For even that
Is Created by the divine


Surrender happens
In trust
Both through
Day and night
Light and dark
In the umpteen presence
Of the Divine light


Surrender happens
In ask
Asking as blatantly ⚘
And transparently πŸ’
And be willing to tell 🌺
The divine 🌺
That you may be not be understanding
Or opening up πŸ₯€
Or be able to listen πŸ₯€
Or see the signs πŸ₯€
Of the divine light πŸ₯€
Or presence
And yet
You want the divine 🌸
To open you up 🌸
To feel the hold 🌸
Of the divine 🌸
To be able to see
What the divine
Wishes you to see
Or understand

Surrender is
Just like that
As simple as the innocence 🍁
Of a child 🍁
Untouched ☘
Unblemished πŸ€
Just simple 🌿
And pure. 🌿

May you be gifted
With the depth of surrender
As deep as you seek
Via the Divine.


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