GIFT Hope this Christmas to your loved ones who Seek it most .


Someone asked me, a friend of mine is feeling hopeless in life and no matter what we tell her, she is not able to hold on to hope.

The easiest thing I could tell her was to allow her friend to make the choice but then, it did not feel right for the moment.

⚘December is the month of warmth. Of inclusion. Of breaking barriers . Of gifts. Of receiving. Of giving. Of sharing . Of caring. Of just being. Of celebrating life.

That is when it stuck me, the best way to tell someone you care is by showing it in action. By taking some more steps than usual. By going an extra mile.

⚘⚘⚘That extra mile perhaps could be 3 gifts or more or less from you to 3 people who are going through tough time purely as a surprise.

⚘🍀⚘Those gifts could be a flower , a note or online delivery of something inspiring or personal or a card or a water fountain or a warm meal of their choice or something else that they like. Something that surprises them and makes their day special. Or just some funds if they need it.

Sometimes it could be gifts in continuity.

Something that makes them notice that Yes , they are loved

You can always ask the Universe or Divine in whichever way you seek to bless the gift and open the path of hope and love for the person you send it to.

🌺🌺🌺Most importantly, just do it without any expectation. Even if they dont receive it well or the way you seek it, you may have opened some door that may yet not be visible.

Bring Hope. With your gifts.

Sometimes just writing a letter to a friend or the person can be a gift too.

Anything that can warm up their heart.

Anything that can remind them that they are cared for.

Anything that can make them feel special or cradled

Anything that brightens their moment.

Candles. Light in any form can also be a good gift.

For you never know, that moment may be the seed they need to germinate to grow the plant of Hope and Trust In their lives.

Just do it

Send some gifts out to those you may have not spoken or those who are giving up on life or just feeling stuck.

Make this month a month of Warmth Hope and Receptivity

You never know the first person you think of as you read this post may be Seeking what you have to gift.

Rejoice. Celebrate .

And if possible pray with compassion.


Love heals. And we all deserve love.

In whichever way life chooses to gift us.

Sometimes, we may not accept a gift immediately but as some moment the warmth of that moment enters years later and heals deep within.

Stay gifted and be the gift🎁❤🎁



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