Mystical Poems

Awakening to Oneness…


One of those mornings
Where I wake up
Realizing recognizing
That Oneness
Is essentially
A state of formlessness
A state in which all dissolve
In that there is no me
And no you


Yet when
I have a form
And so do you
And everything else around us
Then Oneness is more about
A state of harmony
And balance
Within me
About you
And being in harmony
With who you are
What you embody
And what you choose.


And then
I am in harmony
With that dog🐶
With the cat🐺
With the human👦
Who is anti me
And loving me
With the insect🐝
Or a flower💐
Without any expectation
Of who they should be


As I choose to be in harmony
With all aspects of existence
Within me
I recognize what Oneness is
In some of it’s fullness too

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