Mystical Poems

When I merged with the Vine of Divine☘🌳

When I was a bud ⚘
As a child 🀱
I used to write
Letters to divine
Seeking help
Sharing my sorrows
Of not being able to flower
Or sustain and dance
Like other buds


As a bud
I was lonely
Deep in agony
Carrying memories
Of betrayal and sorrow
I used to write
To the divine
To help me


I sought help
Protection and guidance
Yet somewhere
There was a “I
Controlling what I was seeking
What I was thinking
Or wanting
Or the plain outcome
Of my actions


This continued
For a while
The I complained
The Divine listened
The I did not allow
The I to become
The Vine of Divine ☘🌳


One day
I heard in a dream πŸ›Œ
What if
The Divine is saying something
And I am not listening πŸ‘‚
Just because I am focused
Way too much
On wanting what I want
Thinking what I dont have
Not allowing
The flow of vine🌳☘ 🌿
Of the divine
To blossom in me


Not knowing what to do
I just asked the divine
I dont know
How to listen to you
Or flow with you
Or even know
What you seek out of me
But I am willing
To try
Shall Thee help me?πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ
And mould me
The way you want me
To be
To make me the vine☘🌳
In the divine ☘🌳


I started opening
Becoming aware
Of the subtle signs
The nudges of body
Breath and air
Of when the divine
Sends me a sign

I started listening
To that inner voice
That was always speaking

I started flowing 🌊🌊
Surrendering the control

🌝🌞And year by year
Layer by layer
I started witnessing
The same tea β˜•
Became more and more
Blissful ☺️

The same sky 🌌
Became more and more
Beautiful 🌨

As I became honest
To the divine
And surrendered the I
The divine opened the path
To let me feel
How it is like
To be the vine of divine 🌳☘
And be the flower ⚘☘🌳
That divine wants me to
And made me to be.

I pray and wish
That you open
To the depth and beauty ⚘⚘⚘
Of vine of divine
That you are
If you choose
To be. 🌟🌟

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