Mystical Poems

🌈❀Tuning in the Tone of Your very heart…❀🌈


There is a depth
Within each heart ❣
Waiting to unfurl
It Opens & Whispers πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ
Deep in those moments
When one listens πŸ‘‚
To that which is nowhere else
Except within Ones own heart.


Deep inside ones heart
Just a voice
A Feeling
An emotion
Sometimes a wish
Sometimes something more
Calling out to listen


It is there
In you
In me
In each of us
That depth
Looking for a space
To unfurl


Moving from
One form to another
One moment to another


This moment
Look inside
Take a breath πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ
Just listen πŸ‘‚
To that part of your heart πŸ’—
To everything
Just listen πŸ‘‚
To the whispers
And beats
And then see
What emerges
As eternity


That is the connect
Your Heart seeks
That which you call love
Or a need to be understood
In someone else


Look inside
To your heart
It has a lot to give you




It’s your heart
Are you listening


Ask Goddess
Or Your Higher Self
To Create a space
Of deep listening
For all that you have
Within your very
Beautiful heart


Walk inside
Your dear heart
In baby steps
Enjoying this journey
Of this heart & life

Do it
This very moment.


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