Mystical Poems

I am Learning to Grow….


I am learning
To shed and grow
To grow and shed
The leaves☘☘ and fruits πŸ’πŸŒ
That have grown old


I am learning
To behold close
The seeds I can grow πŸƒπŸ₯‘
To seal them
And Be the space
The seeds need to grow


To let go of the foliage
That has died its death
And surrender it again
To the Creator & Mother Earth


I am learning to shed
The old patterns of growth
Connection and form
Love and joy
Friendship and charm
& everything else.


I am learning to embrace
A new form
That which is yet not opened
And shall be opened
In its divine timing.


I am learning to connect
Right from scratch
With everything else


I am learning to nurture
Those forms
That need to blossom
As part of earth
In today and tomorrow

I am learning new ways
And ways to release friction
In places that exist.


I am learning
To grow.
And surrender
To Divine Flow.
Slow. Steady.

At a pace
Of Divine Timing.


I am learning
To trust

The path of Surrender
For this is the path
Led by Devotion
Devotion to Divine
As all that my senses can behold.


Above all
I am
Becoming patient
Through the cycles
Of stormy nights
And sacred days.

I am learning.
I have just begun

As nothing.


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