Mystical Poems

To the Shakti ( Goddess) Deep Inside…

“WHEN did she forget
That she is the heart and soul
In herself
Of the entire creation

When did she forget
That she is the divine
Incarnating in every construct

When did she forget
That she is the Shakti
Emerging in every aspect
Of every part
Of creation

Remind her
Remind her to rise
This is the time for remembrance
This is the time to rejoice
This is the time to awaken
The Shakti that is deep inside

For when she awakens
She will see
The entirety of her being
Emanating through every rhythm
That is resonating

In the cosmic library
And this planet

When did she disconnect
From the heart of existence
Remind her to go back
And resurrect that connection
In that she nourishes
Her own soul and being
In that she nourishes
For the cosmos is one
And she is one
In all of it

Awaken her core
Awaken her being
Be the remembrance
Of entirety
You carry the depth of cosmos
And creation
In entirety

Rise up
And shine
And feel the connection
With all of it
Not just one
Not just two
Or three
With everything

The dark and light
Bring it together
The form and formless
Bring it together
And then you will see
What flows through it
Will be something
No one has ever seen

Bless her soul
Bless her being
For she has come here
To awaken humanity
In awakening herself
She awakens everything.

There is more
Let it evolve
Let it dissolve
Let it merge
With everything
In its entirety.

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