Gratitude Is the Granted Gift of Guess Who… πŸŒŸπŸŒ·πŸŒ»πŸŽπŸŒŸ

What is Gratitude
I often ask myself
Is it just a thank you
Said or unsaid
Is it something deeper
Is there more
Much more
To that which is
In essence


I asked the divine
To show me the path
And ways
To understand
And imbibe
What Gratitude is
In its purest form


Slowly what emerged
Was just a simple understanding
Guess what


Gratitude is
A Gift
From the Creator
To Every molecule
In the Universe
That each molecule
Can gift one another


Gratitude is a Gift 🎁
Be it said or unsaid
When felt wholeheartedly
It shifts the molecules
And all that is within and around
With the depth of gift
Felt deeper and deepest


Those moments
When one misses the cab
..Or is short on money
…Or hasn’t had water
….Or is hungry
…..Or desiring something deeply
And is feeling
A dire need for it
From somewhere
Any of it arrives
Or finds it’s way
To the person
A relief of sorts
A fulfillment


In those moments
From deep within ones heart
And soul
And body
The purest form
Of Gratitude
That one soul
Gifts another
Or to the divine
Yes 🌟
That is Gratitude
In it’s very form


Or any day
Pick up a pen βœ’πŸ“’
Or just on notepad πŸ“„
Those real moments
When you felt
Or you could have felt
And can feel now
Be it to divine
Seen and unseen beings
Or known and unknown people


Just that vibration
Would be enough
To give you the smile
You truly seek


May you truly experience
And rejoice
In the Gift of Gratitude
As it truly is
If you choose to be.




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