Closing 2019 with the Grandeur…

☘☘Closings are as imp as beginnings. As we reach 31st Dec 2019 , it could be a good way to close the year with a notepad and pen or just a notepad on phone and reflect and write down ❀❀

1πŸ’› 30 acts of kindness you experienced by others this year ( it may emerge by hour and not all at one go )

2πŸ’š 30 moments of trust you experienced this year . Trust in yourself. In divine. In people or humanity or something else.

3❀An obstacle or block you were facing and how you were able to find some way out of it

4🧑You can send out Gratitude notes to those who really stood by you this year

5πŸ’ 30 moments of self awareness or realization you had about life or you or planet that you did not have before

6πŸ’™ 20 Miracles you experienced this year

7πŸ’œ An act of forgiveness that may have touched you this year

From this space it may be a good way to close the year and open the new.

For as you write, something fresh and new may emerge in your perspective that did not integrate before

Thank you for being a part of my life and this journey.

Love Hope and Peace


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