Pray for Australia

To those who can,

1. Send some love for next few days continously to everything that connects to Australia. It is not just what is on the land that gets impacted but also everything that is connected to it.

2. Praying for relief for all those souls who were a part of it will ease out the collective pain . Souls are not just humans but also animals trees birds insects and so on.

3. Some of you who are sensitive to animals or plants may be feeling the pain in bodies

Surrender that to the divine and ask for a path of love to bring the relief

4. You can also state an intent

” Whatever relief , love , harmony , joy, compassion and the energy of rehabilitation Australia and all the linked souls requires is made available to them through highest order of divine.”

Keeping this for few days and sending love can help a lot for collective intent is always more powerful.

I have been working behind the scenes in silence. But was guided to put this up for Australia now.

Consistency is the key.

Thank you


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