Manifesting for Next Decade of Mother Earth

As I woke up this morning, running through news feed or just any feed was difficult for each part of the world is aching. And then I realised , the next decade is about Transition and Change for Mother Earth into higher frequencies. And I was guided to Set this Intent everyday. Intentions manifest ๐Ÿงก.

“May those who need to be awakened
To the knowing
And light of their soul
To the depths that they are here
To bring

To the change makers
And torch bearers
For the planet
In whichever way
May each of them be awakened
To the depth
That is needed

As per divine will
And divine timing
To be the change
Mother Earth
Needs at this moment
And decades ahead.

May they get the support
Needed to be the change

So it is done
So it is done
So it is done ”

One can use this everyday by saying it once or thrice by just focusing on the intent.

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