Soul Awakening

Soul Awakening

The process of Soul Awakening is something that many clusters of souls have been going through and shall continue to go through in different layers for the next decade or so.

Many souls choose a life event or something in their life that shakes them to their core to be able to choose a life plan that works for the highest growth of their soul. It could be a job loss, a relationship ending or feeling stuck or health issue and so on. The moments from where the shaking happens to reestablishing the core connect with a new form of life can become easy or difficult depending on the core trust in divine force present in their lives.

A new form of life could be completely different from what they were living in terms of emotional structures or the physical modus of operandi. Be it location or relationship or work.

Normally a soul chooses this at certain transition points of the planet earth so that there is a collective wave of transition that helps each soul. In knowing this what the person realises is that they are not alone in this and each of them is being supported by a larger tapestry of divine intervention and healing if they and their higher self can tap into it.

The period of awakening may feel like a jolt. Yet, it is the depth of jolt that creates the path for self awakening and sustenance in a new way. Before this, the mind and body may have been occupied in the mundane structures and patterns.

At the point of awakening, even amongst chaos there is clarity and a deeper need to reconnect with one self and master the strength and trust one never had. One may feel one has hit the rock bottom to only realise the way now is up and not down.

Each soul at some stage in next decade will transition on some way if it hasn’t in last decade.

Some souls choose to go through multiple awakening as well depending on depth of soul plan chosen.

The important thing to realise and recognise is that when such a transition happens,

1. The soul is not alone. It is equally supported by its divine lineage which include Angel’s, masters and other aspects of Divine including mother earth.

2. The more trust soul is able to bring forward through all the shake, the deeper the foundation for path ahead

3. The emotions that surface should not be suppressed but just written down or expressed and let go. Crying is okay. For it cleanses the soul. Tears are soul cleansers anyway.

4. Having a balanced diet can help so can Mother nature. Food has a direct impact on body and emotions. Yet it’s a choice.

5. Connecting with flowers or animals at this point can be soothing as it enables a new vibration of light to enter.

6. Surrender is the key. Asking for help both from divine and others is the key. It is through complete surrender is a new form of you emerges.

7. Asking questions by virtue of writing, intention setting or having a meditation practice can help immensely for it gives the soul the vibrance it needs to function in physical life.

8. A physical activity can also help for it helps in breaking down the stagnated structures. Yoga can be extremely grounding and soothing.

This is also a learning for each soul that no one is denied the love of Divine in anyway. Yet, in choosing to receive that and flow , one gets the courage to be the one they have chosen to be in this life.

And mastering the core virtues is the essence of life on this planet anyways.

If you are reading this, or have been through this or are going through this, may you be blessed with the strength of divine manifold.



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